Crystal Healing – Woo Woo or Ah Ha?

This is a new one for me. Since I started my fertility journey, I’ve really believed that right around 2015 when I started to focus on mindfulness through guided visualizations and meditations was when I experienced a major shift. Soon after I conceived twice in a matter of months, which resulted in the birth of my beautiful daughter Rebecca.

In trying for our 2nd, I’ll be honest and have had to dive even deeper into mindfulness as my emotions ran high after many years of trying to complete our family. A year into our journey for a 2nd child, I was left confused and somewhat defeated at the notion that I hadn’t worked out my recipe for fertility success. From there, my mind began to play tricks on me and I was not in a good place. I was down and upset – obsessing about my “fertility window” and doing everything perfect to achieve the result we so hoped for. About 6 months after that low, I was able to regain my faith and belief that we would indeed complete our family and that our 2nd baby was coming. This is largely due to believing in external forces and understanding that miracles happen every day.

In recent months, I’ve been faced with some tough challenges – in relation to fertility but others – and I started becoming in tune with the phases of the moon and burning sage to remove negative energy in my home. This led me down a path of visiting a local shop that specializes in these materials and, at that time, I began looking at crystals and I quickly was drawn to them.

I am a lover of nature and crystals bring back good memories of a trip I did in 2004 to Australian where I toured Jenolan Caves. This by far was one of the highlights of my trip and one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen – caves filled to the brim of crystals. The researcher in me took some time to understand why crystals are used for healing and I was amazed at what I found.

The use of healing crystals have been around forever and I remember were quite popular in my youth. However, not until recently did we start seeing them pop up again. The coolest thing about it is that the use of crystals for healing have been around since the beginning of mankind used in talismans and amulets, dating back to over 30,000 years ago.

How crystals help us

More than ever, our energy is being drained by the technology we constantly use, the fast paced lifestyles we lead and the expectations we have as a society. Some people say that crystals help to restore our energy. This is related to every persons Electromagnetic Energy Field. Every day as we use our phones or sit in front of our computers our energy reacts to the energy of the technology around us. Crystals have been known to act as a barrier to absorb some of that energy before it enters into our bodies.

Crystals also can be used to offer us healing power by elevating your frequency. Crystals are rocks that are connected to the earth because they come from the earth. I know this sounds a bit “woo woo” but everything created in nature has some energy stored in it and that includes crystals.

How I use crystals for fertility

I look at crystals as one of my tools in my toolkit for overall relaxation and protection – not necessarily just for fertility but for wellness in general. One of my biggest challenges with my fertility journey has always been in managing the rollercoaster ride of the journey. Every month I am very hopeful for the month ahead – after my period is over, I stay focused on the cycle ahead. When I pass the ovulation period, I’m positive and hopeful that this could be the month. Then, when the month hasn’t been successful, it leads to a flurry of upset and a range of emotions. Some months I’m not overly surprises, other months I’m extremely disappointed. One thing I’ve learned as I’ve navigated this journey for so many years, is the importance of balancing the rollercoaster. To me, crystals help me focus and guide me towards a more balanced energy.

What crystals do I use?

Since I’m fairly new to the world of crystals, I’m starting out with a handful of crystals. These are the ones I’ve been using in my home and in my practice –

  1. Red Carnelian – a well known crystal for fertility as it addresses sexuality and reproductive organs. A beautiful stone, these opaque orangey-red crystals stimulate and balance the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and vagina. It is said to alleviate PMS and balances reproductive hormones and helps guard against miscarriage.
  2. Rose Quartz – this crystal helps me focus on guiding decisions with love versus fear.
  3. Clear Quartz – helps me set intentions and takes on the energy you bring to it.
  4. Black Tourmaline – I use this to ask for protection from my own thoughts and emotions as well as the words/actions of others. I place a black tourmaline crystal by the window in our bedroom and my daughters bedroom.
  5. Selenite – has helped me process grief and centred me around positive communication.
  6. Amethyst – to bring general calm into my home and environment. I place an amethyst crystal by my bedside. I also love the colour and beauty of amethyst so could probably have them all over the house.

Cleansing my Crystals

Part of what I love about crystals is the routine I’ve developed around them. They have enabled me to be more conscious of the phases of the moon. A few days before a full moon, I cleanse my crystals by placing them outdoors in the sunlight and moonlight. Once they have been there, I pick up each crystal and set an intention for this new cycle of the moon. It has been a beautiful ritual that has really helped to centre me.

My Crystal Ritual

In addition to setting my intentions with the crystals after the full moon, I use crystals to centre me before I go to bed every night. I take a few moments to hold my rose quartz, black tourmaline and selenite crystals to deepen my focus for the intention I had set and also to bring myself back into a calming state. My ultimate goal is choosing to live life driven by love versus fear. Now you must be thinking that I am definitely “woo woo” but this has helped me beyond belief. This ritual has helped restore and relax my body in ways I haven’t been able to achieve in years.

I also keep crystals by my office space to help bring the loving, protective and positive energy into my working space.

Where to Buy Crystals

If you are looking to learn more about crystals, I highly recommend going to experts who understand the power of these amazing stones. Quality of crystals varies so much and if you can source them from someone reliable you will get the best bang for your buck. There are so many varieties of the same stone too and asking about the different cuts, finishes, etc can really help you find just what you are looking for.

Locally, I like to go to Westcoast Crystals BC (find them on Instagram here) as the crystals I’ve purchased from them have been great. And they’ve been so knowledgeable. If you aren’t local to BC, Canada, take the time to find a retailer that can offer you great crystals but also some interesting insight into how they can help you.

For me, crystals have been a real gem of a find on my fertility journey. After we complete our family, I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving the beauty and impact these crystals have on my life. Enjoy!


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