90 Day Miracles Program

Do you believe that Miracles Happen Every Day? Well, it’s not a dream, it’s a reality! One of the most special parts of my journey was my ability to be reconnected to my spirituality and find greater meaning in the notion of a greater plan beyond than the one I had for myself.

When we struggle with getting pregnant, it’s easy to feel lost and isolated. It’s only natural – every month we have a constant reminder that we are not achieving what we so desire. However, reconnecting with the fact that Miracles Happen Every Day can help all of us remember that even if this isn’t the month that we realize our dream, it doesn’t mean it will never happen. Building faith and surrendering to this have been an essential element for me in conceiving my daughter and have been a critical step in our journey to complete our family with our 2nd child.

The 90 day Miracles Program is a program I’m deeply passionate about and so excited to launch. The program will include a range of offerings including –
1) 1 one-on-one coaching session / month – 3 in total (45 mins in length/session)
2) 1 group coaching session / month – 3 in total (1 hour in length/session) – over Zoom and streamed in a private Facebook group
3) Private Facebook coaching group – to help answer any questions as you go through the modules
4) Weekly workbook to guide all aspects of the program
5) Weekly meditation
6) Daily affirmation and check-in email (excluding Sat & Sun)

I’m confident that by joining this program, you’ll begin to make changes that will help you on the path of fulfilling your dreams. We can never guarantee what will be around the corner, however, doing this work will help you grow as an individual and enable you to boost your health, fertility and emotional resilience.

Sign up for the 90 Day Miracles Program will begin on May 11th, 2021 with the course starting shortly thereafter. To join the waiting list for the program, please contact me by clicking here.