Essential Oils and Fertility

I want to start off this discussion with a caveat that anytime you introduce anything – whether it be supplements, essential oils, foods – while trying to conceive, it is advisable to talk to a health professional. In this discussion, I’m providing my own insight and observations from my own experience and in conversations with others.  Please use the advice below with caution.

Lately, I’ve been getting very excited about essential oils – not just in terms of fertility but for a number of reasons. A few years ago, I dabbled with essential oils in our home mainly as a replacement to air fresheners as my husband uses air fresheners a lot. Anyway, I would diffuse a variety of blends that would help to purify the air in the house and create a bit of peace and calm.

However, late last year I did a bit more research into essential oils and found a lot of benefits if they were used correctly and if good quality oils were being used. After looking into a few companies, I decided to begin purchasing essential oils from Young Living as I really appreciated their Seed to Seal certification program as well as the ability to physically tour the farms where they source their oils. While we are now in the midst of COVID-19, I don’t plan on travelling abroad to visit a farm. However, I love agriculture and hope to one day be able to visit some farms and liked that they were so open with their facilities.

There are mixed feelings about using essential oils when trying to conceive. When consulting with a number of medical professionals and naturopaths, many suggest to steer away from oils (especially if using topically) as they can have a profound effect on hormones. That being said, many others who have used them, have actually benefited from this profound impact on the hormones.

My personal opinion is that every individual has to make up their own mind. If you have been trying to conceive for a long time and you have evidence to suggest hormonal imbalance is a culprit, I have always worked with supplements or nutrition first. However, sometimes the body needs an even bigger boost and some essential oils may be beneficial. That being said, it is important that all the essential oils be well diluted in a carrier oil or used in aromatherapy in a diffuser.

In my case, all. my hormone levels have been in the normal range but borderline. Since I entered my 40s, this trend has been more pronounced. While on paper everything looks great, this causes a situation where there isn’t much the average health professional can do. However, some levels such as my iron, TSH, estrogen, progesterone and iodine could be optimized. I’ve looked to essential oils to help me with balancing and boosting some of these levels and am seeing good results.

The oils I have used for fertility have been as follows –

  1. Homemade Fertility blend (10ml roller bottle) – 12 drops Clary Sage (see note below), 10 drops Fennel, 7 drops Geranium, 8 drops Lavender, 8 drops Bergamot. Top off with Fractionated Coconut Oil.
  2. Progressence Phyto Plus Essential Oil – includes Vitex, Wild Yam and Frankincense
  3. Peace & Calming Essential Oil – to diffuse in the air for relaxation
  4. Lavender – drops in a bath and to diffuse in my room before bed
  5. Happy roller blend (10ml roller bottle) – 6 drops Ylang Ylang, 8 drops Orange, 6 drops Lavender. Fill with Jojoba or carrier oil. I roll this on my wrists in the morning to start my day.
  6. Calm roller blend (10 ml roller bottle) – 6 drops Lavender, 6 drops Orange, 4 drops Cedarwood, 4 drops Frankincense. I roll this on my wrists and shoulders before bed every day.

Even if you decide to err on the side of caution, essential oils can be a nice way to create a calming environment through diffusing them in your home, office or car. I’ve seen many benefits from this in my own home with myself, my daughter and husband. If you would like more information on essential oils or Young Living, please get in touch.

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