My Story

Hi, I’m Miriam.

I’m someone just like you. I understand the rollercoaster of TTC. I understand what it feels like to build up hope, be wondering if this is “the month” and then feel the devastation when your period arrives. I can relate to looking everywhere for the cause behind our fertility challenges and getting nowhere. When a doctor tells you the cause is unexplained, it can spark a real mix of emotions – happiness (as who really wants something wrong with them?), confusion (how can they not know why this isn’t happening?) and fear (will I ever get pregnant?).

I’m grateful to say that my story is a happy one – despite the heartache. I’m a proud mom, gung-ho advocate & fertility coach that’s dedicated to make women around the world realize that they are not a statistic & that miracles do happen every day! I’m here to join you on your journey as you become a mother 1, 2 or 20 and to celebrate with you every step of the way.

Frankly, the fertility journey can really suck – I’ve been on this journey for over 7 years and going strong. When I was a little girl, I never dreamed of finding my prince, marrying him and having lots of babies. I was not one of those little girls who played with doll houses or dress up. My focus from an early age was on studying and learning. From as far back as I can remember, I thought about being a career woman. When little girls were reading about their Prince Charming, I was reading The Feminine Mystique by Betty Frieden (I’m not kidding).

For me, I always knew deep down that I wanted a husband and to have kids of my own. I just never really worried about it and thought that when the time came, it would. As a teen or young woman, I never worried about having kids young as I had lots of role models around me who had kids later in life and never seemed “old” to me. So, there was no rush, no worry and no doubt that one day – when I was ready – that it would happen – easily. Reality was a little different but, where I am now, I have no regrets – just lots of lessons learned.

Like you probably did when you started this journey, I went off birth control, did the deed and waited for my time to come. Month after month, it didn’t happen and panic ensued – quickly. My Type A personality could not handle that I wasn’t able to get “this’ done. In the blink of an eye, I went from being 34 with my whole life ahead of me to feeling old and that my life was slipping by – without my baby in my arms. I failed to realize at the time that this time I wasn’t creating a perfect pitch for a client or eye-catching campaign for an ad, I was creating a safe place for a baby to grow and be welcomed into my womb and life.

After 1 failed IUI, 1 early miscarriage, lots of lifestyle changes, some soul searching and a lot of inner work, nearly 2 years into my fertility journey, we conceived our beautiful daughter Rebecca naturally (above, isn’t she a cutie?). Soon after, I felt that I had found the recipe for conception and was ready to apply that recipe again to conceiving our 2nd child. Once again, my Type A personality took over and I quickly went back into my old habits. The recipe wasn’t producing the same positive result and I met every month with a big fat negative and devastation. I had this beautiful 1 year old who I was enjoying but the disappointment of not conceiving again still put a damper on that joy. Once I awoke to this reality and got back in tune with joy and peace in my life, things took a turn for the better.

How did I find joy & peace? How did this help my fertility?

I found joy and peace through the power of rebuilding my mindset and reminding myself that miracles happen every day. I’ve done this through being present in my life through journaling, being in touch with my feelings, being publicly honest with who I am, committing to find stillness daily through meditation and visualizations, and engaging in positive thought through affirmations and success stories. I also stayed in tune with a Miracle Mindset – open to possibilities and ready to receive. I held onto stories from the past, including aligning my thoughts with my bubbie Betty (find out more about her here). Through Betty’s Baby, I plan to offer programs, free resources and online workshops to help women benefit from what I’ve learned since the start of my fertility journey in 2013.

My hope is to create a safe space for women to share their story, so we are all able to learn from one another. This way none of our stories and lessons are lost – and we can help others as they embark on their own fertility journeys. In sharing my work and learnings with the world, I also believe this will help to enhance my own fertility journey. Right now, I am birthing this new business and believe it is the key to so much in my own life and the lives of other women in the world.