Who is Betty?

My Mom & Bubbie Betty


The inspiration for Betty’s Baby is my grandmother (who I call Bubbie but most called Betty – she’s the lovely lady in the pic on the right beside my mom). She was a major influence in my childhood and life. Although she was not alive when I started on my fertility journey, her story guided me and continues to guide me on my journey. When I first started trying for a child and faced struggles, thinking of her kept me centred and continued to keep focus on the concept of “miracles happening every day”.

You see, my bubbie, was the most maternal woman I had ever met – she was the definition of a mother. She raised 3 children and had my mother when she was 40 – back in 1951. My bubbie lived a long, healthy life and always seemed to look on the brighter side of life – even when things weren’t always so rosy.  She was a strong woman and lived well into her 90s and was the most youthful woman I knew. She lived life to the fullest even in her older age and was independent up until the final year of her life. She was a real role model and inspiration to me as a child and still is. I only wish she was here now to talk to me but luckily I get visited by her often in my dreams and through her spirit. Throughout my fertility journey, especially when trying for our first child, I felt her presence with me. Her story and her spirit gave me strength when I felt the pain many of us go through when trying to conceive.

My bubbie’s real name was actually Rebecca and when we had our daughter, we decided to name her after my bubbie. However, I didn’t even know her name was Rebecca until a few years before she passed away as everyone always called her Betty. My bubbie Betty was all about sharing and had lots of friends. She loved her community and when starting this chapter in my professional life, I felt that her sense of community and her story should live on through Betty’s Baby.

She thrived on community and I hope through Betty’s Baby I can help women just like you find a safe community to tell your story as you navigate the path of your fertility journey. I also hope to build a community where we can all celebrate as we welcome new lives into this world together!